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Fletcher Class Destroyer

Revell 1/144 scale kit built for a customer's model railway. It was displayed in dry dock.

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Oil Drilling Ship

Scratch built 1/100 scale ship of a ship converted into an oil drilling platform.

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FIC 145

A military fast speed boat.


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Liberty Ship

A conversion of the Revell Fletcher Class Destroyer into a Liberty Ship for the customer's model railway.

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A  1/200 scale Landing Platform Dockyard ( LPD ). It featured an opening deck to view the dockyard.

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HMS Ocean ( L.P.H. )

One of two  1/200 scale Landing Platform Helicopter ( LPH ) models of HMS Ocean.

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Oil Rig Supply Vessel

Two 1/100 scale oil rig supply vessels.


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R.A.S. Vessel

A 1/200 scale Replenishment At Sea vessel.


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Ship's Hold

A repair and restoration of a ship's hold for South Tyneside Marine College.

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Oil Tanker

A 1/100 scale model of an oil tanker.


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Dragon Marine

A basic model of a Dragon Marine small fishing boat to show customer's the basic layout.

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Dragon Marine

A basic model of a larger Dragon Marine fishing boat to show customer's the basic layout.

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Dragon Marine DM32

A basic model of a Dragon Marine medium fishing boat to show customer's the basic layout.

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Dragon Marine "Novantae"

A more detailed model of the large DM fishing boat for the owner of the real vessel.

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