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155mm Howitzer

1/16 scale howitzer. Scratch built master patterns to cast resin parts.

155mm_howitzer1.jpg (58718 bytes) 155mm_howitzer2.jpg (51405 bytes)
Bomber Airfield

1/160 scale class 'A' US bomber airfield. US crash crews attend to a crash landed Lancaster.

airfield1.jpg (74827 bytes) airfield2.jpg (59280 bytes) airfield3.jpg (68055 bytes) airfield4.jpg (75144 bytes) airfield5.jpg (75175 bytes) airfield6.jpg (69051 bytes) airfield7.jpg (64193 bytes)
Boughton Barracuda 6

Six airport fire trucks which I assembled from pre-cast resin parts.

barracuda1.jpg (62688 bytes) barracuda2.jpg (58262 bytes) barracuda3.jpg (59437 bytes) barracuda4.jpg (61659 bytes)
Car Body Shells

These two car shells were vac-formed mouldings which just needed custom schemes painting.

carbody1.jpg (30918 bytes) carbody2.jpg (27035 bytes)
Daewoo/Cosworth V6

Part of a batch of Daewoo/Cosworth V6 engines made as a team project.

cosworth1.jpg (58708 bytes) cosworth2.jpg (57278 bytes) cosworth3.jpg (52082 bytes) cosworth4.jpg (56911 bytes)
George Washington
Golf Course

An architectural model for a housing development.

golf1.jpg (93107 bytes) golf2.jpg (69730 bytes) golf3.jpg (80042 bytes) golf4.jpg (62721 bytes)
New College Art Studio

I built two fold out tables for the art class to speed up transition from tables to easels.

ncd_table1.jpg (74431 bytes) ncd_table2.jpg (54957 bytes) ncd_table3.jpg (51834 bytes) ncd_table4.jpg (52412 bytes) ncd_table5.jpg (59964 bytes)
The Solar System

One of three sets of 1cm to 5000Km scale planets.

planet1.jpg (47745 bytes) planet2.jpg (15093 bytes) planet3.jpg (38830 bytes) planet4.jpg (25972 bytes) planet5.jpg (17597 bytes) planet6.jpg (23160 bytes) planet7.jpg (56155 bytes)
Wedding Ring

My wife's wedding ring, cast and turned from rose gold.

ring1.jpg (83208 bytes) ring2.jpg (77758 bytes)
Robot Arm

A simple two axis and grip robot arm.


robotarm.jpg (72610 bytes)

This 1/16 tank was built with two turret options.

tank1.jpg (74104 bytes) tank2.jpg (71791 bytes)
Tiger's Head

This bronze tiger is made from resin impregnated with bronze powder and mounted on an oak plaque.

tiger.jpg (55773 bytes)
New College Workshop

When the workshop was reduced from 80 feet long to 20ft, I had to find creative ways of keeping the tools.

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