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B-26 Marauder

1/6 scale radio controlled flying model. Flying Photos courtesy of Ken Isaac of

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Beechcraft C-45

Radio controlled model built from the 1/5  scale Ziroli plan. Powered by two Zenoah 38cc engines.

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CAP 21

Radio controlled model built to  1/4  scale. Finished in white for customer to apply markings.

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Avoncraft Cub

Radio controlled glider.

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F-5 Tiger

Radio controlled jet. A 1/6 scale kit, already built but requiring detailing and a paint job.

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Focke-wulf Fw-190D

Radio controlled 1/5 scale full composite kit. Finished in the markings of Josef "Pips" Priller.

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Radio controlled aerobatic aircraft Built, covered and test flown. Prototype for a kit.

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Hughes 500

Radio controlled helicopter body shell paint job. I also scratch built the rocket pods on the side.

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Hawker Sea Fury

A plan built 1/4 scale radio controlled flying model, powered by a 250cc 5 cylinder radial engine.

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Spitfire Mk.I

1/3 scale non-flying Spitfire for the "Blitz Bar" at Long Eaton, Nottingham. Painted by a 3rd party.

bar_spitfire1.jpg (69853 bytes) bar_spitfire2.jpg (74049 bytes) bar_spitfire3.jpg (75804 bytes) bar_spitfire4.jpg (93310 bytes) bar_spitfire5.jpg (80191 bytes) bar_spitfire6.jpg (99206 bytes)
Spitfire Mk.I

A 1/4 scale electric powered, radio controlled flying model.

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Fi156 Storch Seats

Scratch built 1/5 scale seats for a customer's  radio controlled model.

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Grumman F-7F Tigercat

A 1/5 scale radio controlled model power by two 150cc, 5 cylinder radials. I don't recall who took the last two pictures.

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