1943 Ford GPW
This Ford GPW was delivered on May 6th, 1943, which can be just made out on the extremely corroded data plate. While the history is unknown, it did come from the USA, and so is likely to have spent the war there. Since it has only just come to Europe, it hasn't be contaminated with French Hotchkiss parts. Unlike many Jeeps today, which are fitted with post-war engines, this Jeep actually has what appears to be a pre-war engine. The casting number & s/n indicate the block comes from a Willys model 39 Americar, which had the Go-devil engine fitted. The transmission is also a rare early type, 'f' marked with the fill and drain on the right side of the case.
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Accessories & Small Parts
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Axles & Springs
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Engine & Transmission
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Final Finishing & Assembly
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On The Road
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