Photographic Studio
April 2021
In late March 2021, I started making a new diorama base for model photography. The original 14 inch base and A4 photographic background was too small for some models, so I decided to build a new one. My new workshop had a shallow cupboard that was ideal for model display and a mini studio. 400grit wet & dry paper was cut and glued down for the 150ft diameter concrete "Frying Pan" dispersal. Fine sand was glued down for the grass and both painted with household emulsion. The hedge line was Model Scenics clump foliage, pulled into small chunks, mixed with dilute PVA glue and place along the back edge. Soaking the foliage in PVA hardens it up and stops it shedding bits.

The grey concrete had a couple of mottled coats of different greys, applied with a sponge to break up the even colour. More PVA glue was mixed with black paint for the tar lines between each concrete panels. Once dry, another sponge applied coat of grey was applied with the sponge to tone down the black lines. The backscene was a sheet of MDF, painted with a small glossing roller and more emulsion. Once dry, it was given a light sand and painted again, this time sprayed with light blue and blue tints, getting lighter towards the horizon. The hills were brush painted with lighter shades in the distance and darker fields in the foreground. Once dry, dark green hedge lines were painted. The hedge line colour was similar to the clump foliage, helping to tie the foreground diorama and backscene together.

A daylight LED bulb is clamped above the to the right of the diorama, out of shot in these pictures. The original tracing paper defuser is attached in front of the bulb to spread the light and stop the harsh shadows that formed without it. The diorama is made to 1/72 scale, but doesn't look out of place for these 1/35 scale vehicles and 1/48 scale Spitfire.

studio1.jpg (103395 bytes) studio2.jpg (164662 bytes) studio3.jpg (116044 bytes) studio6.jpg (94809 bytes)
studio4.jpg (111542 bytes) studio5.jpg (114100 bytes)
The original A4 background diorama.   The new diorama.