Red Arrows Hawk
Completed March 2014

My daughter's frst plastic model build. While looking around the model shop, just before her 4th birthday, it was a toss up between a Red Arrows Hawk and a Spitfire, both in 1/72 nd scale. 

In the end, she settled on the Revell Hawk. As this was her first build, it was going to need careful monitoring, and building in small stretches of time, so as not to tax her concentration too much, after all, she hadn't even turned four years old!

However, she has always been quite precise with her drawing and painting, so I was expecting her to do reasonably well.

 The Revell kit didn't have any figures, so I found a pilot in the scrap box. She painted the cockpit and interior parts first and then started to assemble the cockpit.
Fuselage assembly came next.
We decided to build this with the landing gear retracted for simplicity so the rest of the assembly went quite quick. Red paint followed, then a future coat prior to decalling.
Another future coat trapped in the decals, and we finished it off with some cotton wool smoke, sprayed with red dye. It now hangs proudly from her bedroom ceiling.