Beamish "Dig for Victory" - September 1st & 2nd

Thursday September 1st

The first proper show day was September 1st. After the 10am briefing, there was the first of the large convoys around the site. After this, following our on foot scouting, we took the vehicles to what became known as "Coffee and Cake Corner", just on the edge of town. It was a spot nobody had used in previous years and was close to the cafe and toilets - an ideal spot for morning coffee ( site 5 on the map ).

Later, we moved on into town, parking outside the Co-op. After lunch, we took the vehicles down through the pit village and into the corner of the colliery yard, near another cafe. We set up there and had a game of "Craps" until the Military Police came and busted the game.

Not long after that, it was time for the second large convoy of the day, so we headed back to assembly point at the main show field. Later in the afternoon, we walked up to the farm so my daughter could do a Land Army photoshoot around the farm buildings and animal pens ( site 10 ). Later in the day, Andy and I took the Jeep and Dodge to the Rail yard ( site 3 ) to collect some ammunition and aero engine spares just in on the afternoon train.

There was more than expected, so we radioed Chris to bring his Dodge down to assist. Right at the end of the day, my daughter went for a last ride on the Helter-Skelter and took some pictures of the two show fields from the top ( sites 1 & 2 ). Below is a video compiled from several trips around the museum site, with the camera mounted on both the Dodge and Jeep.

On Thursday evening, we took four vehicles for a drive and on a photoshoot around Pockerley Manor ( site 6 ) and the town ( site 4 ). Derek hadn't yet arrived and Paul had gone out for food.

Friday September 2nd

We hung around the show field until the 11am convoy and continued on another lap after everyone else pulled back into the show field. We followed the route again, back to town and stopped at Coffee & Cake Corner ( site 5 ). In addition to being close to the cafe, we got a good view of convoys and other vehicles going by. We headed on to the rail yard ( site 3 ) and after bumping into Lynne's parents there, she headed back to camp with the Jeep while I stayed to get some photos of the Dodge up against the loading platform. We were back in town ( site 4 ) towards the end of the day as the trams were waiting to take the last of the public back to the entrance.

Before food that evening, and with Derek and Paul around, we had a six vehicle convoy around the site again for more pictures, starting with a group shot at the far end of the colliery yard ( site 8 ), making use of the building's steps for a  good vantage point.

From there, we headed back through the pit village ( site 9 ) and around the road to Pockerley Manor ( site 6 ). From there we drove down past the church and towards the wagonway sheds ( site 7 ). From there it was back on the main road to town ( site 4 ), where we ended the photoshoot.

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