Beamish "Dig for Victory" - September 3rd & 4th

 Saturday September 3rd

I began Saturday with a wander around show field two, taking a look at the vehicles and dioramas there. That was followed by the 11am convoy, followed by morning coffee at the usual spot ( site 5 ). This time we were joined by a friend's Jeep for a while.

We moved around a few more times across Saturday to different locations. At the end of the day, the museum was providing a meal in town for all those attending. We were going to take the vehicles until the rain set in for the evening and everything was covered up.
Sunday September 4th

The last group of four pictures from coffee corner were a selection of just a handful of pictures from Sunday. We did the convoy and morning coffee, then went back to the main show field for lunch and then to started packing up camp.

Five days on site under canvas was exhausting, both due to the fresh air, lack of sleep and the heavy steering on the Dodge giving me arms like Popeye! With the Jeep and the Dodge, Lynne and I managed to burn through around 19 gallons of petrol in four days of driving. However, it was still a cheap holiday and the highlight of our 1940s calendar.