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Messier 45 Open Cluster and Nebula ( NGC 1432 )

It had been a long time since I did any deep sky imaging, so I set everything up for some tests of guiding and reminding myself of the camera and software. As a result, I just did 20 x 2 minute, ISO 800 exposures on the 200PDS scope to check things out - 03-12-18

M 45, 3 hours of 5 minute exposures at ISO 800 with the Canon 1100D, UHC filter and Evostar 80ED. It was a hazy night, so the stars are a bit bloated, but this was just a guiding test of the OAG on the Evostar 80ED scope, to see if the small aperture would still pick up guide stars.

M 45, 3 hours 5 minutes of 5 minute exposures at ISO 800.

M 45, 13 x 5 minute exposures at ISO 400. The dark area at the bottom of this image is probably due to the off axis guider being too close to the camera sensor. 

M 45 Unguided, approximately 30 minutes exposure in 1 and 2 minute subs.