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My Astro-photographs are taken with scopes from an 8 inch and 5 inch Skywatcher reflectors, an Evostar 80ED refractor, a 3 inch Celestron reflector, & Lunt LS50THa Solar Scope. For deep sky images, I use an Astro-modded Canon Rebel T3 ( 1100D ) or deep sky images, and a Nikon D3200 for widefield and other prime focus photography. Planetary, white light Solar and Lunar imaging is done with three ZWO ASI120MM & MM-S mono cameras and a ZWO filter wheel. 
The observatory has an NEQ6 Pro GOTO mount, and I have a motorised EQ2 for a mobile set up. Guiding is via a TS 9mm Off-Axis Guider, and a Lodestar Autoguider camera. Most of the images are taken from a light polluted town, with a light pollution level of 8 to 9 on the Bortle Dark Sky Scale.