No space for a desktop model, but you'd still like a model of your favourite aircraft? Perhaps you can find some wall space instead? Aviation Model Art displays your aircraft in an attractive wall mounted presentation.  The pictures below show a number of 1/72 scale aircraft displayed in A4 sized frames. Prices vary depending on kit availability ( as some are limited production runs ), and also aircraft and colour scheme complexity, but start at 70.00 plus shipping.

Spitfire MkII
spit_2017_001.jpg (73733 bytes) spit_2017_002.jpg (72022 bytes) Hawker
Hurricane MkI
hurri_2017_001.jpg (74920 bytes) hurri_2017_002.jpg (72548 bytes)
bf109e_2017_001.JPG (81419 bytes) bf109e_2017_002.jpg (77280 bytes) Fokker
EIII Eindecker
fokker_eiii_2017_001.jpg (94649 bytes) fokker_eiii_2017_002.jpg (60731 bytes)
Yak 18a
yak_18a_2017_001.jpg (95168 bytes) yak_18a_2017_002.jpg (77812 bytes) Miles
magister_2017_001.jpg (94598 bytes) magister_2017_002.jpg (66161 bytes)
North American
P-51D Mustang
p51d_2017_001.jpg (91568 bytes) p51d_2017_002.jpg (75962 bytes) de Havilland
dH-82 Tiger Moth
tigermoth_2017_001.jpg (83612 bytes) tigermoth_2017_002.jpg (71334 bytes)
de Havilland
dH-82 Tiger Moth
tigermoth_2017_003.jpg (93497 bytes) tigermoth_2017_004.jpg (70560 bytes) de Havilland
dH-82 Tiger Moth
tigermoth_2017_005.jpg (94461 bytes) tigermoth_2017_006.jpg (68691 bytes)
Fokker D.VII fokker_dvii_2017_001.jpg (113016 bytes) fokker_dvii_2017_002.jpg (81844 bytes) Sopwith F-1 Camel camel_2017_001.jpg (117458 bytes) camel_2017_002.jpg (64880 bytes)
PT-17 Kaydet
pt17_2017_001.jpg (81438 bytes) pt17_2017_002.jpg (58814 bytes) BAe
Hawk ( Red Arrows )
hawk_ra_2017_001.jpg (92398 bytes) hawk_ra_2017_002.jpg (90272 bytes)
( 16" x 12" Frame )
spitfire_pr_2017_001.jpg (79133 bytes) spitfire_pr_2017_002.jpg (71011 bytes) de Havilland
dH-88 Comet
dh88_2017_001.jpg (85371 bytes) dh88_2017_002.jpg (90410 bytes)