1/6 Scale R/C Flying Model

Wingspan - 6 feet 11 inches
Length - 6 feet
Engine - 3W-40cc
Radio - Futaba FC18
Propeller - Smart 20 x 10

Basic four channels:- plus retracts ( with scale shortening leg during retraction ), flaps, bomb release and flashing machine guns.

Built up balsa/ply fuselage, with balsa skinned foam wings and tail. Glass skinned with 1/2 oz glass cloth and epoxy. Full panel and rivet detail. Yes I know the red engine cowling is the wrong shape, it was made from someone elses mould, but was later replaced with a correct version at the same time as the new colour scheme was applied.

It flew for several years in the red cowl "Big Stud" scheme before changing to the fictional "Woody's War".

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