Railways At War
British OO9 Scale - 12 feet x 2 feet - Built 1981
Railways At War was built around 1981 and was my first venture into narrow gauge railways. Dad and I did quite a bit of research into Light Railways in WW1. It was built in three sections, the Front Lines and Railhead, the Airfield, meant to be around 5 miles behind the front lines, and then the Town, a further 10 miles behind the airfield. Great use was made of Airfix models and accessories, from the aircraft, to WW1 tanks and figures.

The project is on hold due to my workshop being taken up with a customers layout.

The original 12 feet long layout with the front line and trenches to the left and town to the right.
The Railhead with a train recovering a crashed Sopwith Pup
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The town and tracks into the War Department works
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The trenches
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The wooden tracks from the railhead to the trenches
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Royal Flying Corps Airfield
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Part of the new refurbished layout
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Farm House destroyed by shell fire
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An RAF SE5a of the Royal Flying Corps takes off for the front lines
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 The broken Sopwith Pup seen in the train in the earlier picture was refurbished into a partially burned out wreck, using copper wire for the fuselage longerons and plastic strip for the wing spar and ribs 
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SPAD S.XIII ( unrestored )
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Royal Aircraft Factory ( RAF ) SE5a ( unrestored )
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Fokker EIII E

The Fokker EIII was originally built with full rigging wires and a clear disc prop etc. Over the years of exhibitions and storage, it got battered about, the rudder and tailplanes got knocked off, wheels broke and were glued back on, and it generally looks like it has suffered.

This will need quite a bit of work to make it presentable again, but I'm sure I can bring it back to life.


Fokker EIII Eindecker ( unrestored )
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Fokker DVII ( unrestored )
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Albatros DV ( unrestored )
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Decauville Crochat Petrol/Electric Tractor to fit my GP20 chassis
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Decauville Crochat Petrol/Electric Tractor
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Scratch Built Stretcher Wagon 
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Scratch Built Stretcher Wagon
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Scratch Built Stretcher Wagon
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Scratch Built Open Wagon
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Scratch Built Open Wagon
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Stretcher and Open Wagon
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Scratch Built Open Bogie Wagon using N Scale Chassis
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Open Bogie Wagons in Primer
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Decauville Crochat Tractor & Bogie Open Wagons
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Scratch Built Enclosed Bogie Wagon Using US Boxcar
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The New Front Lines and Railhead
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The New Front Lines and Railhead ( camera flash falsified the colours )
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The Railhead Unloading Platform
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A Lake, or Multiple Deformed Craters?
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