Little Carlton / Saray Halt
British N Scale - 5.5 feet x 2.5 feet - Built 1979 - Refurbished 2013
Little Carlton was my first venture into N scale back in 1979. It was designed as a coffee table, but never got the glass top made, so remained a small exhibition layout, stored when not in use.

The layout fell into disuse for about three decades and then was passed on to a family friend to use. Over the years, age and sun light took its toll on the layout which began to look very tatty.

Towards the end of 2013, the current owner asked if it could be refurbished, and I took the layout back for a major overhaul which included lifting and re-laying the track, and replacing several points.

All the scenery and buildings were repaired or replaced, new lighting was added, and the layout was eventually converted into the coffee table it originally was planned to be.

The picture to the right shows the layout in 2013, just before the refurbishment started. It must be one of the oldest layouts in existence which is still operating and hasn't changed significantly since it was first built.

Re-laying the track during refurbishment
Re-laying the track during refurbishment