Northallerton 1940s Day - June 30th

It was going to be an early start on Sunday morning, so I got the Dodge out and assembled on Saturday evening. It was around a 40 mile drive to get to Northallerton. We stopped for a short while on the way, waiting for a friend who was going to follow us. However, he didn't turn up and couldn't be contacted, so moved on after 10 minutes. When we got there, it was already packed with military vehicles and classic cars.

The military vehicles were parked up at the North end of the high street, while the classic cars were at the South end. Military content was mainly split between Jeeps and Dodges, with one Alvis Stalwart.
The public were there early in their hundreds, so I didn't get a chance to get any photos early on without lots of people in the way. Instead I waited until a little later when the crowds spread out more and also took some selfie-stick pictures on my phone, held up high, over the top of many people.
The next set of pictures show just a few of the many classic cars that were on show. To the North end of the high street, there was also a stage where there was 1940s music and dancing. Wifey and daughter spent some time up there. There were also several trade stalls spread along the street.
The un-marked Dodge Command Car is one I haven't seen before around the shows, so I don't know if it's a new purchase by someone in the region.
The show ended at 4pm and after the traction engine left, we packed up and headed home.