Bowes Railway - June 26th

Bowes railway was a two day event, but I only attended on Sunday due to being at a fly-in at Breighton Aerodrome on Saturday. We decided to take both the Dodge and the M201 for our first two vehicle display of the year. It was a bright morning, but quite breezy and it turned out cooler than we expected. This seems to be a theme for events this year. 
There were fourteen military vehicles in attendance, plus a couple of classic cars elsewhere in the village. Jeeps made up the majority of vehicles, but there were also two Kubelwagons, a BSA bike, a half ton Dodge and my WC51.
There were also several dioramas and displays of weapons and equipment, each telling a small part of the World War 2 story from different perspectives.
During the day, there were firing demonstrations and at 2pm, a battle amongst the rail yard as in previous years. Despite the bright day, the strong wind pulled the temperature down, though it didn't stop a good number of public attending the event.