Barnard Castle 1940's Weekend - June 22/23rd

Barnard Castle is only about 40 miles away from home, but with the route almost all two lane 'A' roads and up and down hills, it's not a quick trip when driving in the Dodge, out for its third event this year.
barnard1.jpg (85307 bytes) We set off soon after my daughter got out of school on Friday, but were held up a couple of times by Friday afternoon traffic and road works. In the end, the journey to the camp site just over the river from the town took around 90 minutes. It was a hard drive, but we got the tent up fairly quickly and settled down to relax for the evening. Since we were camping off site from the display area, we just used the modern plastic tent. barnard2.jpg (71912 bytes)
After breakfast on Saturday, it was a three mile drive back into town to the display area, located on the green next to the castle. There were not as many vehicles and dioramas as last year, some due to illness and unavailability, but I suspect a number of people had spent up their fuel allowance on a trip to Normandy earlier in the month. There was still plenty to see and the good weather brought lots of public around both days. Lots of interest in the Dodge. barnard3.jpg (91965 bytes) barnard4.jpg (75026 bytes)
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In addition to the military vehicles, there were a number of vintage cars on display on Saturday, most of which were parked on the road beside the church, close to the military displays.
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There were several dioramas and displays close by on the grass next to the visitor's centre, ranging from home front to front line.
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The majority of military vehicles in attendance were Jeeps, with two motor bikes and two Dodges, mine included.
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There were plenty of re-enactors around all weekend and a number of the town's people had also dressed suitably for the occasion.
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On Sunday, there were a number of more modern vintage cars on display in the show field, bringing a bit of colour to the khaki and olive drab.
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The military content was down again on Sunday, with three of the Jeeps from Saturday, only attending for day one. Even so, the public seemed to all be enjoying the weekend and I have no doubt the event will be repeated again next year.
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