N Scale Model Railway
Set in Britain, 1943

This commission is for a huge model railway set during World War 2. It has a number of features including a quayside, airfield, town, mine, prisoner of war camp, river, and factories. The build is starting with the ships and quayside.

Layout Details

Length - 20 feet
Width  - 8 feet
Operating System - Digitrax Super Chief 8AH

The design has varied slightly from the plan shown to the right.

Country Station, Quayside Yard and Quayside.
The scratch built Liberty Ship
Airfield Control Tower and Fire Truck Shed.
The hull came from the Revell Fletcher Class Destroyer.
Romney Hut in the quayside yard.
A Hurricat fighter and launch ramp was mounted on the bow.
Air Sea Rescue Catalina and a 'Hangar Queen' B-17 wreck.
Side view of the Liberty Ship.
Working Level Luffing Crane.
Superstructure, holds and stern guns.
B-17 Fortress at Dispersal.
The Liberty Ship in port.
The Flying Scotsman exits the airfield tunnel.
The Bridge.
B-17 Fortress about to go on a practice mission.
The Liberty Ship in port.
Dock workers unloading the Liberty Ship.
C-47 Skytrain unloading cargo.
Crash Landed Lancaster on the Airfield Section.
A general view of the Quayside.