About The Builds

My workshop is 23 feet by 12 feet in size, fitted out with bandsaw, scrollsaw, disc/belt sander, extraction, lathe, pillar drill/mill, grit blaster, gas and arc welding equipment and spraying equipment, so I can accommodate most tasks and projects 'in house'.

Any build undertaken, uses the highest quality components in its construction. If the owner wishes to supply certain parts and hardware to be used on the project, that's fine, although any parts I feel may be inadequate ( particularly on flying models ) will be discussed with the owner before being used on the model.
For any build, the payments fall into two categories, building materials/hardware and labour. All build projects will be invoiced using stage payments to spread out the costs of the build. 

An initial figure is requested to cover purchase of materials to start the project, and then labour and further materials costs invoiced monthly after that. For short term repairs quoted on an hourly rate, one final invoice at the end of the job is more likely. 

For plans, enlarged plans, kits and part built projects, I prefer to see the design or model before making a quotation, as there can be many poor designs that need rectifying during a build, and this can result in working additional hours not budgeted for.