On The Road!
On April 16th 2014, I took the Jeep for its first drive following the rebuild. It was actually three drives. The first was just up and down the street a couple of times. The second was around the block and the third was with Lynne and Lyta having a ride. Total mileage was only 3.4 miles, but it's baby steps until I work through any faults that pop up and build up confidence in the vehicle. 

A few days later, I drove the 1.5 miles to visit George, who had helped me with the trial fit of the tub onto the chassis ( Below Left ). Maintenance of my other vehicles meant that the GPW was inactive until early June when I went to visit a couple of companies who had helped with materials and blasting/priming the chassis and tub. This pushed the mileage to 13.7 miles. On June 6th, I had to take one vehicle out for a D-Day drive, and the Ford was the choice for 2014 ( Below Right ). I made three trips of various lengths, the longest being about 14 miles, getting up to 40 mph, the fastest yet. By the end of the day, the mileage was at 31.6, more than doubling the total miles.