The 2nd Rebuild

Fuselage repairs. Patching new wood into the airframe and then glassing it again. The landing gear doors were slightly damaged, but repaired with a little glass reinforcement inside. The bomb doors were pieced back together and wing joining plates glassed over where flexing had cracked the glass skin.

Here's the exhaust and engine refit.
New balsa skin under the fuel tank and all glassed and primed, ready for minor imperfections to be filled.
I rubbed through one or two spots that were still a little high, and had to re-glass them again.
The centre wing was rubbed down and reprimed, and stress cracks glued, filled, glassed and rubbed down again in a seemingly never ending cycle.
The tail was undamaged apart from a couple of little dings, so that didn't take much effort to rub down and prime.
More filling and rubbing down on the fuselage, and that's as far as the project has got so far. Customer projects ended up taking all my time and workshop space, and now the Vengeance is in the loft, waiting for its turn to rise from the ashes yet again. This time it was be in an RAF scheme from Burma.
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