The Test Flight - Withernsea May 2001

The test flight went without any problems, and a number of flights were made over the weekend. The take off was slow, but that was expected with the thin wing and low power from the Zenoah, but once in the air, the aircraft handled well. The stall was gentle and consistantly to the left, though it was a bit more harsh with full flap.

At the time, my local flying site was only 5 to 10 minutes from work, and I was able to get there and have one 15 minute flight during my lunch break. These two pictures were taken at that site.
At the North Weald show, we had a 1/6 scale Tiger Tank to attack!
To land, the aircraft had to touch down in a three point attitude, otherwise the momentum of the tail decending from the touchdown caused the aircraft to lift off again.
RAF Cosford. Rufforth.
Notodden, Norway.
Oakington, the last take off.
Shortly after the next picture was taken, the aircraft was shot down by another modeller switching on his transmitter without checking frequencies. The Vengeance went failsafe, and dived vertically onto the concrete runway, causing considerable damage to the airframe and destroying the engine. The front fuselage was shattered and also the outer left wing, and part of the left inner wing.