Smelter Platform

These two platforms are scratch built from a balsa core with 1/64 thick individual stained planks glued to the top and sides. 

Step One - A load of 1/64 ply with thinned brown paint of various shades.

Step Two - The ply was then cut into strips about 3/64 inch wide and trimmed to an approximate length of 7/8 inch.

Step Three - A strip of masking tape, a little longer than the platform was taped down to a board, sticky side up. The planks were then carefully laid face down onto the tape.

Step Four - A strip of balsa was then glued to the back of the planks joining them all together and that was then glued to a balsa block of the correct height. Platform sides were added in a similar way.

The Smelter yard has two platforms, one for each of the spurs. They will probably have some kind of loading cranes added in time.