Broken Up B-24

Closest to the smelter, aircraft are being broken up by bulldozers with chains and wrecking blades. The first to be modelled is a 1:144 scale B-24 Liberator.

This was a model I've had kicking around for years and was an ideal subject to cut up. The old paint was rubbed off, engines removed, and the airframe cut up into several sections.

Broken Up B-17

The B-17 model is a polyester resin casting, made from another 1:144 scale kit. It was primed in grey primer before spraying with automotive silver paint. The camouflaged colours were added over the silver which allowed weathering back to a silver 'bare metal' surface. Markings were all hand painted. The B-17 has just had its back broken prior to being cut up into smaller pieces. Other smaller aircraft parts will litter the area awaiting their turn to be cut into small enough pieces to fit the smelter doors.