Supermarine Spitfire PR MkIG
Commenced October 2014

Just before her 5th birthday, we set off to the model shop looking for a 1/72 Scale Airfix Battle of Britain Airfield Set. After a bit of searching, we didn't see one, and almost bought all the kits separately. Fortunately, Lyta spotted the set under a pile of other kits, and we came away happy with the kit, some paint and new brushes.

We decided on a diorama which would include the Spitfire, one tanker, the blast pen and some figures. Rather than a BoB scheme, we chose a pink PR Spitfire.

The build took a little over two years.

Completed in January 2017

Some internal parts of the Spitfire and figures were painted first, in addition to giving the base a green undercoat. Joining the fuselage came next, although we had to wait until the mood and patience was right before doing any building.
 The base was then coated in fine sand, attached with dilute PVA to give a better texture to the revetment banks. The lower wing was attached next while the upper surfaces and tail parts were cut and sanded.
 Attaching the upper surface of the wings came in the next session followed by final colour coats on the base revetments.
A Lego jig was made to hold the wings level while the tail was glued. Small details such as the landing gear and aerials were painted, but were being left until the end before being attached, so the next step was to start painting the PR pink on the fuselage and upper surfaces.
The final small airframe parts were painted and decals applied.
Exhausts and landing gear are now fitted, and other than the canopy and a matt coat, the Spitfire is finished. The next phase was to start the fuel bowser, which will need modifying to WW2 configuration, as the Airfix kit is a post war tanker.
The tanker was built virtually out of the box, except for modifying the top of the tank to resemble the wartime version rather than the post war type.
Once the tanker was complete, the figures were chosen and we worked out their positions. Their painting was then finished and they were glued in place with PVA or cyano adhesives, using Lego to hold the figures up while the glue dried.
 Finished - January 3rd, 2017