Jeep Trailer

Two years after purchasing the jeep, the time has come that I now have more bodies and stuff than the jeep can easily carry internally. For some of the events in 2007, it will be more practical to camp on site. We don't want to have to take the normal car just for the tent and associated equipment, so we were going to need additional space to carry all our gear, as we don't camp light! 
Designing the folding table was only partly successful as a space saver, and knowing that I'm bound to collect more 'stuff' as time goes on, I decided that I would still need more space. With Jessie being based on an airbase jeep, hanging lots of bags and equipment off the side wouldn't be appropriate, and neither would a Bustle Basket hanging off the rear. The only other option was a trailer, as these were found around airbases.
Space in the garage is tight, but measurements suggested that a trailer would fit along with the jeep and the flatbed trailer. The recent visit to the Wheels and Wings show allowed me to take a closer look at trailers on display there, and the data panel, along with measurements from a 1/35 scale model seemed to indicate the trailer would fit in the garage.
A member of our local MVT group just happened to have a trailer for sale while all these thoughts were in my mind, so on May 19th, we went to collect the trailer from Middlesborough. The journey took about one hour, heading into a strong wind. The wind was with us for the return trip but I don't think we would have noticed the trailer on the back anyway. We stopped in a country lane half way home for a couple of pictures with a nice background. 
Here are a few pictures I took once home. The trailer also came with a canvas cover, not shown in these pictures, and the metal support bars to span the opening. Studying the design, I believe it to be a Dutch copy of the Willys Trailer.

Because the trailer had 12v lights, and my jeep is 24v, I made a temporary switch panel to operate the brake lights and indicators from a small 12v battery.

In The Garage, just!

My measurements of the 1/35th scale model had suggested it would fit the garage ahead of the Jeep, however, it looked like it was going to be very tight.

After moving the Jeep doors, seats and table out of the way, it was wheeled in and tipped up, lifting the 'A' frame into the air. The pictures below show how tight a fit it was, but 2 inches clearance is still clearance!


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