RAF Conversion

June 1st/2nd - RAF Markings.

For the Croft Nostalgia show, we are creating an 'RAF 100' display to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force. "Jessie" is going to be part of that display in the markings made at the end of last year. "Hope" is now also going to be in that display, and so another set of RAF markings needed to be made. For "Hope", the hood roundel is a bit more tricky, as the original 100th Bomb Group Station Photo Jeep had the star set so far back on the hood and body. For a painted star, this wasn't a problem, but it meant that the magnetic plastic roundel would be in three pieces, around the hinge and over the most uneven part of the 75 year old hood.

To try and speed up the masking and painting, I used magnetic plastic masks for the 6 inch and rear bumperette roundels. A hole was cut to spray the red, while scrap paper covered the rest of the roundel. Gentle spraying pressure in light coats prevented bleed under the mask. 
A similar technique was used for the blue on the small roundels, but using a disc of magnetic plastic to cover the red and white areas of the roundel. The large roundel was just masked with tape and paper.
The number 1 group marking is now painted on the bumperette. The two small rectangles are to cover the USA on the hood, and need RAF painted on once the olive drab has fully cured. The front bumper strip is also painted olive drab, ready for its markings.
After a wash down on Saturday morning, both Jeeps were parked bumper to bumper for a first picture both in RAF colours. The afternoon was spent cutting stencils and painting the RAF and bumper markings.
The RAF hood and bumper markings complete and fitted.