On January 25th 2012, I set off for Birmingham with an empty flat bed, while the importer of the GPW headed North to Birmingham from Dartmouth. The trip for both of us was several hours, and yet we both arrived at the services within a couple of minutes of each other. Payment was made and the Jeep rolled off one flat bed trailer and onto mine. By the time the return trip was made and I got home, it was dark, so the Jeep was left on the trailer attached to the tow car until the following day. 

The next day, there was much shuffling around of Jeeps and trailers for several hours. This was to get the Ford unloaded, the flat bed trailer re-assembled to the box it usually carries, and photos with both Jeeps together, before both Jeeps and the Jeep trailer were pushed back into the garage. There was just enough room to walk between the two Jeeps while garaged.