Ryhope Engines Museum - August 26/27th

This is the second year for the show at this site, but our first time at this location. For many years, the show was held at the Durham Light Infantry Museum, until the museum was closed. Our last DLI show was 2015. One year was missed before the show returned at the new venue. Numbers were down a great deal from the days of the DLI show. Perhaps the year break made people look for other shows to attend over the bank holiday, or perhaps it was just the wet weather on the first day? 

Either way, we enjoyed the new site, the huge steam water pump beam engines and the blacksmiths workshop. "Jessie" also clocked up 15,000 miles in my ownership on the way home yesterday and "Hope" has almost reached 800. It was also nice to see the NELSAM Morane monoplane heading towards completion. Hopefully, given time, the show can grown back to its former numbers.
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