Northallerton 1940's Day - June 10th

northallerton1.jpg (89054 bytes) It was a sunny start to the day at home as I left for Northallerton. It was forecast for sunny intervals all day, so I left the doors at home, taking the canvas half doors instead. South of Durham, I drove into fog and the temperature dropped rapidly. The rest of the trip there was very cold. northallerton2.jpg (89962 bytes)
 It stayed overcast at Northallerton until about 11am before the sun finally broke out. Most of my pictures were taken in the morning gloom, before the public turned up. There were around two dozen vehicles on show, including a couple of traction engines. The high street was closed off to normal traffic allowing hundreds of members of the public to wander freely around the displays.
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This was the first really long run out for "Jessie" with the new coil, at 90 minutes each way. Thankfully there were no problems either way. The Jeep was however damaged by a member of the public leaning on the canvas half door and breaking one of the press stud fasteners. The Jeep did get drenched by heavy rain for most of the way home, so we were lucky it didn't get any further South
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