Yorkshire MVT Crank Up - April 15th

The season begins! Because it was the first big run out for "Jessie" since all the ignition work, I decided against travelling on my own to Tadcaster for the big convoy to the Castle, and instead decided to meet up with some friends near Croft and travel with them. It was an early start, leaving Washington at 07:40hrs to meet up with the rest of the northern contingent a little before 9am. Two vehicles joined me there and we then continued south to Northallerton where our despatch rider joined our little convoy. We made good progress, maintaining a fairly steady 45mph, and getting to the castle about 10:15. Some vehicles had already arrived, but the Tadcaster convoy didn't get there until nearer 11am.
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Once everyone arrived, there were over fifty vehicles parked up including two motorbikes and two folding para-bikes. It had been a misty start to the day, but got out quite bright at times and wasn't cold. People started drifting away from mid afternoon, and with a long drive ahead of us, me in particular, we set off North around 3pm. I got home about 5:15pm using just under a full tank of fuel on the 160 mile round trip.
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