Tour of Northern France - 11th-16th August

About a week prior to the Ursel 'Wings & Wheels' show, a few members of the MVT(NE) went to France for a mini holiday. Those who couldn't make the trip early due to various other commitments were to meet us on the Friday of the show so we could enter together as a group. 

The 'scouting party' consisted of John, Noel, Lynne, Malcolm ( also known to Noel as 'Brian'!!! ) and myself. John, Noel and Malcolm drove to Hull to catch the overnight ferry on Friday 10th, arriving at the campsite in Eperlecques on Saturday around mid-day. Lynne and myself towed our jeep to Calais on Saturday, arriving early Saturday evening. A fairly clear night gave us a good view of the International Space Station passing quickly over head. The attached picture shows a 15 second exposure showing the movement of the station against the background stars. campsite1.jpg (66113 bytes)
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Sunday 12th

Not far down the road from the campsite was a museum set in and around the Block House built to assemble and launch the V2 Vengeance Weapons, the A4 Rocket. The structure that stands today was only 1/3 of that planned for the final assembly, fuelling and launching of the A4 liquid fuelled rockets. The impressive concrete structure was never used having been damaged by bombing raids before completion. A very large crater near one wall shows the impact point of one of Barnes Wallis' Earthquake bombs which, although it didn't make a direct hit, caused enough structural damage for the Germans to abandon the facility built by slave labour. Also on display was a V1 flying bomb, plus several military vehicles and a one man midget submarine.

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