Truck Walkaround

Left side - Seen here with the sides open, the picture shows the late version of the body allowing the driver to climb in past the spare wheel. During the Norwegian rebuild, it seems the truck was rebuilt with an early body step, which can be seen finishing short of the left side body. Right side - Here the plexiglass dome has been removed and the original canvas stretched over the body to provide additional waterproofing on a damp day.
Front and Rear views 
Engine left side  Engine right side 
The electrics are still set up to run on 6 volts, but the truck still starts well. 
Driving compartment. The vacuum wipers leave a bit to be desired, and are best used singularly.  Rear body of the truck, looking rather bare without the radios and other accessories. 
Tool kit and tool kit bag. Included is the wheel nut wrench, grease gun, hub nut socket and tyre pressure gauge. There is also a tyre pump included.
The Jerry can is from May 1945.  
The hydraulic jack