The Journey Home

After the Dodge sale went through, Rupert kept the truck another week until storage in the North East was sorted, then on September 4th we went to bring the truck home. To avoid as many motorways and fast roads as possible, the trip was planned via Tebay, Kirkby Stephen, Brough, Barnard Castle and on to the A167 North to Home.

Lynne, dad and myself set off around 9am, and dropped our daughter off with her grandma for the day. On the way back, we stopped to fill all the Jerry Cans with petrol, and passed back through Washington at 10:00am.

We had a 25 minute stop for coffee at Kirkby Stephen, and finally made it to Kendal about 12:30 where we had lunch.

The truck was loaded and seven and a half gallons of petrol poured into the tank. Rupert finally waved goodbye to the truck about 2:00pm.

I was pleased to have had a practice with the truck two weeks ago before the proper drive home. Slowly the crash gearbox is becoming more familiar, 'though changing down is harder, especially when braking and needing to rev too.

Coming over the A66, we ended up tagged onto the end of a military convoy, and the last truck was carrying three quarters of a Land Rover. It would seem that some army driver has made a serious boo boo!


Dad took a little video during the trip home, a 2 minute compilation is shown below.

Just after Stainton Camp, we stopped for a brief rest and took the following couple of pictures before setting off once more. We stopped again just south of Durham as the petrol gauge was getting low, and added another two and a half gallons which brought the needle back up to the 1/4 mark.
We arrived home at 5:30, and got the Dodge squeezed on to the drive. We spent the next 45 minutes unpacking the truck and getting the canvas on the back to seal it up over night.

There are a few things that need looking at. One was an indicator that wasn't working that turned out to be a dirty contact. The Dodge is also pulling right when braking hard, so they need looking at. I also want to re-waterproof the seats and canvas, but at least it is home now where I can work on it.

There's a couple of local events in the next couple of weeks, so I'm going to take the Dodge on show before the season ends.