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The UK Partial Eclipse
March 20th 2015

With the forecast at home looking poor, I headed South to Beverley on the evening of Thursday 19th, to stay overnight with my dad. The forecast was looking better in Lincolnshire. The alarm went off at 6am and the forecast was checked again, but this time Lincoln wasn't so good, and Beverley had improved, so we stayed there. The first picture was taken soon after getting up.

I had the Nikon D3200 on the Evostar 80ED scope, hand held, and the rest of the family had some solar glasses I made from Baader ND5 Solar Film.

While there was cloud, it was thin, and we were lucky to see the whole eclipse from start to finish. The pictures below show first contact at about 08:28hrs, partial, with Sun spot Ar 2303, maximum in the centre, partial with the Moon moving on, and heading towards last contact. I took over 800 photos covering the whole sequence.

To finish the day, here's the Sun heading towards setting.....

.....and the last rays of light from Eclipse Day.