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NGC 2244 The Rosette Nebula

A team effort for this one. 6 x 10mins Ha from my friend Tim from Cambridge, using an Atik 460EX Camera & Canon 200mm f2.8L II USM, and my 20 x 5 mins of colour from the Canon 1100D. Tim's field of view was much larger, but I've left that uncropped, and just reduced my colour image to fit.

NGC 2244 taken with the 80ED scope and Canon camera. I just used the Skywatcher LP filter as I was imaging it straight after comet Lovejoy, and would have had to take flats if I'd wanted to remove the camera to fit the clip in UHC filter. It was only 1 hour 40 minutes, ISO 800 exposure in 5 minute subs, hence a bit noisy, but gives a good indication of the field of view with the new scope. I'll try again for longer with the UHC filter fitted - 13-01-15