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Messier 74 ( NGC 628 )

With the faint M74 galaxy in a better position in the sky, and colder nights allowing longer exposures, it was time for another go at imaging it. This version comes from almost 7 hours of data, taken in 5 minute exposures at ISO 800. The supernova which appeared in August, is still bright and clearly visible, though somewhat faded compared to its initial outburst. Imaged over the nights of 05 & 07-11-13.

A very poor image due to clouds and a shot exposure time ( only 15 minutes ), but imaged because of the supernova within the galaxy. However, with the supernova SN2013ej  being around three weeks old, I wanted to try and catch it before it faded. It was taken on 13-08-13.

 Here's a second attempt, in rather damp conditions ( 99% humidity ). Just over an hour of 3 minute exposures, ISO 400 stacked out of an hour and a half of images shot. It was hard to process this out of the murk, and a near full Moon didn't help with gradients, but at least it's a half decent shot of the galaxy and supernova.