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Messier 57 The Ring Nebula ( NGC 6720 )

Three M 57 un-guided images, using the ASI120MM-S camera on 26-08-16

The first is at the native 1 metre focal length of the 200PDS scope, with 15 second exposures.

This is the same data, but processed with a x1.5 drizzle in stacking, and then cropped to the same 1000 pixels wide. There's some nice subtle structure showing in the nebula.

This is the same mono data again, but with some 10 second exposure RGB frames added to give a colour image.

M 57 Guided, using the ASI120MM camera on 27-07-14
103 x 16 seconds which gives 27 minutes of Luminance.

M 57 Unguided, using the ASI120MM camera on 25-07-14
30 x 16 second exposures.

M 57 Unguided, approximately 20 minutes exposure in 2 minute subs.