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Messier 42 The Orion Nebula ( NGC 1976 )

This is the same M42 as the one below, but with the addition of a close up of six of the Trapezium stars at the heart of the nebula.
These were captured with the ASI120MM-S on the 200PDS scope - 23-01-17

M42 & the often forgotten M43 De Mairan Nebula in Orion. This was my first attempt at dithering between exposures, and first go with new capture software. The dithering seems to have spread the hot pixels around, but the stacking software had reset its "Hot Pixel Removal" options, so they weren't removed in stacking. Instead I tried to remove them in processing. The Moon was out too of course which didn't help, but the night was more for testing than imaging.
14 x 5 minutes, 14 x 30 sec & 15 x 10 seconds, all ISO 800 with the Modded Canon 1100D and UHC filter through the Evostar 80ED - 08-03-15

This image was taken with the new Canon 1100D. 30 minutes of 90 second exposures for the main image, then 10 x 30 seconds & 30 x 10 seconds for the core, all ISO 800.

This image was taken across a period of 45 minutes, finishing at 4:30am on the morning of September 8th, 2013.
This was my first attempt of using different exposures and layering them to catch the detail in the bright core, as well as the more faint detail further out in the Nebula. 8 x 3 min, 5 x 1 min & 10 x 30 sec, all ISO 800.

Unguided, unknown exposure

Unguided, approximately 20 minutes exposure in 90 second subs.