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Messier 27 The Dumbbell Nebula ( NGC 6853 )

M 27 from the Canon 1100D on the Evostar 80ED scope from Washington on 17-09-16
This was the longest set of subs on this target so far, and was shot under a 98% illuminated Moon, using only the Skywatcher light pollution filter.
It is 3 hours and 30 minutes of 5 minute, ISO 800 exposures.

M 27, 99 x 16 second un-guided exposures with the ASI120MM from Washington on 25-07-13
This was a first experiment at using the ASI120 for deep space imaging. I've since found that it will fit onto my TS 9mm OAG, so should be able to guide this camera while imaging.

M 27, 27 x 3 minute guided exposures from Washington on 01-06-13

M 27 Unguided, 30 minutes exposure in 2 minute subs from a dark site.