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Messier 1 The Crab Nebula ( NGC 1952 )

M 1 again, but with a different camera. This is 2 hours 10 minutes, ISO800 with the astro-modded Canon camera with an Astronomik UHC filter. Unfortunately the sensor failed early in the evening, leaving a vertical line the full height of the frame. Because of the sensor failure, I didn't bother with any darks, flats or bias frames.

Fourth go at M 1 is 5 hours and 20 minutes of mostly 10 minute ISO 400 subs with a few 5 min ISO 800's, taken on the nights of November 4th & 9th, 2013.

Third go at M 1 is 11 x 5 minute subs ISO 800. This is a good enough start to add to, and I'm thinking of trying to add some 10 minute ISO 400 subs.

This second short go at M 1 is 5 x 5 minute subs, shooting between the clouds.
Even though I cleaned the camera sensor, there's still a few dust bunnies remaining.

M 1 My first guided image, though done under windy conditions. 10 x 3 minute exposures.
Because it was just an experiment into guiding and tracking, I didn't bother with darks or flats during the processing.