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Comet C2014/Q2 Lovejoy

On February 19th, I had another go at comet Lovejoy, this time as it was passing M76, the Little Dumbbell Nebula.
Nikon D50, and Evostar 80ED. 30 x 30 second ISO1600 unguided subs - 19-02-15

On January 26th, I spent a little while shooting the area of stars where the comet had passed on the 13th. These images were stacked, and used as a new background for the comet image. 

1 hour 45 minutes, ISO 800, guided on the comet, but using the 80ED to image with rather than the 200PDS - 13-01-15

45 minutes of 90 second ISO 800 exposures with the Canon 1100D at 1 metre focal length. This version used my new 80ED scope as a guide scope tracking the comet. Stars and comet stacked separately and then composed with layers in GIMP. The tail was showing, but not as much as I hoped. I took the original image, desaturated it, inverted it, stretched the histogram further than was polite, and it brought out more of the tail. This was cleaned up, and then inverted it again. This was used as a luminance layer over the original image.

The inverted, stretched image is below the colour verison. I must try again from a dark site - 06-01-15

First close up image of Lovejoy. Guiding was on the stars, allowing slight movement of the comet during the 60 second exposures.
Just a faint hint of the tail - 03-01-15

Comet C2014/Q2 Lovejoy on December 30th 2014. 15 x 5 second exposures, ISO1600, shot with the Nikon D50 and 70-300mm lens at 70mm, with Skywatcher LP filter. Comet Lovejoy is a long period comet and it won't be back for another 8000 years. 30-12-14